Waste Farmers: Arming the 21st Century Farmer

Waste Farmers Episode 3- Connecting people back to the earth.



Waste Farmers Episode 2- If you thought dirt was boring, you need to think again.


The Problem: According to John-Paul Maxfield, founder of Waste Farmers,“If we’re going to feed 9 billion people by 2050, we’re going to have go find new methods. Soil has been neglected throughout industrial agriculture. Anytime we harvest, we take something away and our agricultural model has been that we don’t need to put it back. We’ve got to go back and repair that.”  Finding good soil isn’t as easy as it used to be, 75% of the nation’s topsoil is gone.  Waste Farmers’ products provide solutions that benefit humanity, enhance yield, and help to remedy our topsoil shortage.

The Solution: Waste Farmers is striving to build healthier soil and connect people to the land.  From modest beginnings ($9,000 and a pick-up truck) Maxfield and his team set out to create ‘food for soil’ utilizing renewable resources including: compost, earthworm castings, biochar, and other recycled biomass produced in Colorado. By developing sustainable and nutrient-rich farm products that actively promote soil biology, Waste Farmers is arming the 21st Century Farmers with the tools necessary to cultivate agricultural systems that meet the world’s future food demands while shrinking agriculture’s environmental footprint.

Why we love them: Waste Farmers has created a sustainable way to provide Twenty-first Century Farmers with the tools they need to raise healthy, nutrient-rich crops in a safe and chemical-free way. These entrepreneurs are proving that you don’t need a tractor to be a farmer, just some rich soil and a yearning to get your hands dirty.

To learn more about Waste Farmers visit their website, and stay tuned for an [i4c] Video Series where you will experience, firsthand, what it means to be a 21st Century Farmer.

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